"This suggests that the 'forward force' technique uses more proximal musculature (shoulder) to support the hand on the keyboard rather than the wrist musculature. This technique has the potential to reduce the stresses imposed on the wrist, decreasing the need for active muscle contraction."

 J. Perry, MD, Professor of Pathokinesiology Laboratory of Rancho Los Amigos Medical Clinic, Downey, CA



"The Niks Hand Guide is not a machine unto which a pianist straps himself in order to practice for hours at a time. Its purpose is to assist the student in learning how a good hand position should feel in order to achieve that sensation without the Hand Guide."

 Lyn Bronson, The California Music Teacher


"The Hand Guide is a useful teaching aid for tension-free piano technique."

 Alberto Portugheis, Piano Journal of the European Piano Teachers Association



"Outstanding researchers of the 20th century, such as Professor Tobias Matthay, Dr. Otto Ortmann, and Arnold Schultz, made a great contribution towards the understanding of problems in piano playing, yet no method of effective piano playing was proposed. After many years of experimentation, the Niks technique was developed in response to this very need. The technique is based on the use of only one group of muscles during the efforts of the fingers to press the keys. This eliminates the causes of tension and consequently opens the road to unlimited speed and a brightness of sound which projects effectively on the concert stage."

 Inessa Niks, Graduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia co-founder of the Niks Hand Retraining Center, CA


"Mrs. Niks, understanding of physiological problems of the serious pianist has been invaluable to my son, who is a professional performer and composer. He was forced by severe tendinitus to stop using his right hand. Mrs. Niks worked with him over a short period of time and he has not had any problems since."

 V.J., piano and organ teacher, B.A. Music, CA


"The Niks method is most helpful in learning to relax at the piano and to cope with technical difficulties that I have experienced all my life."

 D.M., piano teacher, B.A. Music, CA


"Learning the Niks method has made it possible for me to play piano painlessly, in spite of arthritis..."

 A.G., piano teacher, B.A. Music, CA


"I was studying for my B.A. degree in music when my problems began. I was forced to stop playing and canceled my senior recital. My right hand became swollen and the pain was so intense that I could not move my fingers or use my hand even to hold a piece of paper. Then a medical doctor recommended me to seek help from Mr. and Mrs. Niks. They showed me how to achieve true relaxation while at the piano. The special Hand Guide helped me to find the best hand and finger position to play with minimal effort. This method is based on a unique understanding of the dynamics of the physical aspect of piano playing."

 E.G., B.A. Music, CA


"The Hand Guide helps me to check and double-check my posture, points of relaxation and hand position. It is great for students like me who still have doubts about their technical approach to the keyboard. I will always use it as a reminding implement as I strive to develop and maintain a working technique."

 H.B., adult student, CA


"I highly recommend the Hand Guide for teachers and students. It helps to train your fingers and to support correct wrist position."

 F.S., piano teacher, B.A. Music, CA


"After playing the drums in a band for two years, my daughter Jenni was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. After a few piano lessons and practicing the Niks method, Jenni stopped complaining of pain in her hands. She has since received a release from her doctor to play the drums in a band again."

 M.G., adult student, CA


"After a short time of doing exercises for fingers and wrists with the Hand Guide, the pain in my elbows disappeared. As a result I wanted to know more about the method and so I scheduled a three day session with the Niks'. The knowledge which I gained during this time of study opened for me a new world of beautiful singing tone and colors in music which I could never produce before."

 R.E., pianist, FL


"I have found the device useful in helping children to notice bouncing wrists (in an attempt to count out the music). Instructing the student to let the wrist glide along the bar corrects this habit in a quick tangible way. I use the little balls to have them curve around and feel good hand position. I like the concept of the device, and in terms of sound it makes a difference in that students do not just fling their fingers at the keyboard but develop a more sensitive approach through applying the principles discovered by contact with the device."

 L.J., piano teacher, B.A. Music, M.A. Harp, CA


"This technique is stress-free! It works by complete mind control. Like a control tower, the mind dictates which muscles to use and tells just how much tension is necessary to bring about the desired musical effect. Tension is immediately released as soon as the tone is produced. One may ask, "Is the process more intellectual than naturally musical? Doesn't the thinking process interfere with musical activity?" The answer is, 'not at all'. When the mind controls one's muscles and heart--the result is a musical and intellectual performance."

 H.S., piano teacher, M.A. Music, CA


"I just want to let you know how much I benefited from the use of the Hand Guide and the retraining sessions with Mrs. Niks. The device has been a helpful tool in calling to awareness the correct finger-hand-wrist-arm position towards piano playing. Therefore, it has been an invaluable agent in correcting previously learned bad habits of piano performance as well as enhancing previously learned good habits. Mrs. Niks has been such an inspiring mentor and her shared insights in imparting the techniques in the use of the Hand Guide has made for a learning experience par excellence and a positive influence for musical growth. I would highly recommend the use of the Hand Guide and Mrs. Niks' training sessions to any serious music student."

 R.R., piano teacher, B.S.E Music, CA